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By bringing together extensive timeshare knowledge, real estate brokers and superior customer service, a dependable partnership was formed. Trejesto Timeshare Transfers feels that our customers deserve the best. We concentrate on superior personal attention, and a fast, accurate turn around, at reasonable  prices.

Trejesto Timeshare Transfers makes transfer of ownership easy from beginning to end. We work directly with the resort where your timeshare is located, and perform the transfer process noted below for a one-time charge ranging from $355 to $475, (some States/Counties have higher recording or state/city fees)If there is a Resort Transfer fee, or a transfer of a RCI banked week, they will be billed, in addition to the closing cost, as separate charges . 

Our Transfer process is as follows:

  • Preparation of Deed and State Tax Forms (if applicable)

  • Delivery of Transfer Documents to Buyer and Seller for signature

  • Delivery of Deed to Clerk of Court for recording along with any required state or local documents

  • Purchase Money Funds We collect all the funds necessary to transfer ownership. That money is placed in an Escrow account and dispersed upon completion of transfer.  

  • Acquisition of Estoppel Certificate We will obtain a signed letter from resort management detailing critical unit information, outstanding costs, such as maintenance fees, property taxes, special assessments and when the next use period is available.

  • Resort Notification of Transfer The resort will be provided a copy of the recorded deed, along with any resort transfer fee (if applicable) so they can update their system showing the buyer as the new owner.

  • Provide Settlement Statements
    These documents inform each party of the terms of the sale and their financial responsibilities.

  • Transfer Fees
    We collect transfer fees and pay them to the resort on your behalf as part of the transfer process.

  • Confirmation and Funds Dispersal  - Upon confirmation from the resort that the transfer of ownership is complete into the new owners name, we will then disperse payout of escrow to the seller.

* The above stated fees ($355.00) will be honored in most areas of the United States. If your property is located outside of the U.S., in New York City, or if other issues arise that incur unexpected expense, then additional costs may apply to the closing. ....

The transfer process normally takes 45 to 60 days, but can take longer depending on how quickly the parties execute and return the documents to our office.  The work load and procedure of the county where the deed is being recorded and returned is also a factor on the timeline. We will process your transfer as quick as possible.

Blue_forward.gif If you would like us to handle your transfer please complete and submit our online form ... CLICK HERE.

Title Insurance for Timeshares: Title Insurance is an insurance policy issued by a title company. A title search is conducted which will reveal any liens on the property. The policy will insure against any liens that were not found in the search. While title insurance is the most secure way of purchasing real estate, very few resale timeshare buyers purchase title insurance, due to the low cost associated with the resale market. 

The cost of the timeshare versus the cost of title insurance is given weighted consideration by many resale buyers. Although the decision to acquire title insurance is solely the buyer's decision, Trejesto Timeshare Transfers will obtain a signed Estopple Request from the resort. This certificate will confirm that the timeshare is free of any mortgage or encumbrances and that maintenance fees and property taxes are current.

Title Insurance is not covered by our fees. However, if you are interested in Title Insurance, we can refer you to a list of providers.

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